WVARS Photos.



Market Harborough


Left:- G0SFJ/P working IV3CYF via SO50 using a dual band handheld and arrow antenna.

Right:- M3IAA operating the clubs Yaesu FT847 as G4WVR on 2m & 70cm via local  Echolink links.



Field Event/BBQ

Prince Rupert's View Point

(East Farndon)

Setting Up HF Station


G1IVG working 80m QRP on an MKARS-80


MKARS-80 in action


G8PAN working 2m


2E0GAP's new Icom IC-7600


Getting dark, time to go QRT


One of the Balloon's that past over as we were closing the station.

G0NDQ and 2E0WPT working some DX