D-Star Gateway

Located in Mkt. Harborough.

MB6WV Dashboard


About MB6WV

Market Harborough's D-Star gateway was first licensed in January 2014 and has the call sign MB6WV (Mike Bravo Six - Welland Valley).  The gateway can be found on the 2m band on 144.8125MHz RF power is set at just 5w the range is somewhat limited, however under normal flat conditions it can be heard within about 10 miles of Market Harborough and a little less to the south due to the surrounding hills etc.  Unfortunately you will need a D-Star radio to be able to hear the link or work through it. 


Gateway Equipment

The radio is an ex-PMR Simoco SRM9000 NFM analogue radio .  The RX and TX audio is fed in and out to a DV-RPTR-1 interface that is then connected to a Raspberry Pi.  The then is connected via Wi-Fi to a 58MB broadband internet connection.

Local Demo

If you would like to have a demo of D-Star pop down on a club night and we can explain a bit more about the system. 


Simoco SRM-9000 ex-VHF Radio

DV-RPTR-1 Digital Voice Modem (GMSK)

Raspberry Pi

Icom ID-51e


Icom IC-2820