The Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society is located in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  A small friendly club that are very keen to welcome new members young and old.  Our membership consists of a vide variety of amateurs with keen interests in all aspects of Amateur Radio.


Club Night Meetings.

We encourage anyone with an interest in radio, whether it is Amateur, CB, Scanning or SWL, etc.  Come along on the third Monday in the month and join us to share our experiences to develop your interest in Amateur Radio. 


Have a look at the links to the left and you will find our Calendar which will explain what we have planned ahead. 


Our Club Evenings generally take the form of;


  1. Presentations by members or guest speakers on subjects such as:


  1. Operating Evenings.


The club owns a considerable amount of equipment for the HF/VHF and UHF bands.  This equipment can be used by members to make worldwide contacts during our operating evenings and is also available to club members on borrow on a short term (1 month) basis and can be used in their own homes.


  1. Summer DF Hunt.


During the summer we hold a DF Hunt (DIrectional Finding) usually on 70cm.  These take the form of walking around one of the local villages in the Welland Valley area armed with a directional aerial and a portable radio to try to find a hidden transmitter.